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When it comes to planning, design, installation, and system longevity, we’re champions of our craft. And we work sensationally hard. When you see us on the job, you’ll know we’re not there to cut corners. From start to finish, your solar panel solution deserves nothing but the best.

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Solar Can Become Your Best Investment

When going green means making more money, everyone wins. With Project Solar, our aim is to keep prices lower than fossil fuels. Going green is now the smarter financial choice.


Average Solar ROI


S&P 500 Stock Market


Real Estate Appreciatior

Federal Incentives Boost Savings

The federal solar ITC (investment tax credit) gives 30% tax credit that covers all solar equipment, batteries, and installation. Additional state incentives may apply.

30% for Equipment

30% for Installation

30% for Batteries

25 Year Warranty

All equipment comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures that your panels will be producing at least 80% of their rated power 25 years from installation.

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Start saving time and money

Energy costs are already expensive … and they love to rise. But going solar can save you money on monthly energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint. With our solar solutions, and with fast, simple, financing, we can tailor a custom energy solution that will start saving you time and money.

The Truvo Solar Process

Step 1

In-Home Consultation

Step 2

Planning & Design

Step 3

Permitting & Site Survey

Step 4

Installation & Inspection

Step 5

Turn Solar Panels On

Let’s Get Into the Weeds

Want more info on our white glove solar experience? Read below for our detailed step-by-step process designed for zero surprises along the way. 

The In-Home Consultation

Our smart home professionals come out to your home. From that initial consultation, we craft a customized solution optimized for your needs and budget.

Approval and Signing Docs

Once you’re ready to roll with Truvo Solar, we’ll get all necessary documentation drafted and will sign documents with you, explaining everything along the way. 

The Site Survey

Our team of experts survey the site. This prepares us for a smooth, flawless installation process and gets you closer to effortless living.

The Final Design

We install nothing until you approve the final design, complete with specific measurements from our site survey and final estimated cost and timelines.

The Permitting

We take care of all the permitting and submissions needed to make the switch to solar. We’ll work with cities, counties and even HOAs to make sure you and your home are perfectly compliant throughout the entire process. 

The Installation

You pick the day and time, our team installs your solar panels. No delays, no headaches, and no surprises. Our expert installers do things the right way and never cut corners – guaranteed. 

The Inspection

Once installation is complete, we’re not quite ready to turn the system on yet. Our team conducts a thorough inspection of everything we’ve installed. 

Turn the Solar Panels On

And … liftoff. With custom-tailored solar panels, you’re saving money and well on your way to effortless living. And so is that energy bill. 

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